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All offices of Southeast Regional Sleep Disorders Center will PERMANENTLY CLOSE on April 1st, 2020

After this date, only records requests will be processed.  There will not be any staff that can answer phone calls or provide any other services.  If you are an existing patient and need to be seen for your sleep related problems, we urge you to locate another provider in your area that can treat you. 

Your primary care provider or your insurance company can help you locate another doctor.  Once you have located another provider, they can request your records. 

If you are a provider or other entity that needs patient records or if you are a patient that needs your records, you can either fax or mail your request by providing a signed records release form and your request will be processed as soon as possible.

The records release form can be downloaded here.​​​​​​​ Our fax number is now 864-627-5337.  Our current mailing address is 600 North A Street, Easley, SC 29640.  This information may change in the future so please check back regularly for any updated information.

Thank you for your cooperation and if you are one of our many wonderful patients we extend our best wishes for your future health and happiness.

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Southeast Regional Sleep Disorders Center​​​​​
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